Our patients and their families say it best.

Providing hospice care, palliative care, grief support, healing, and more to our community is our life’s work, as our patients and their families will tell you. Hear stories from those we serve every day and the lives that have been touched and healed by Quality Hospice & Palliative Care programs.

Marlene’s Story

My sister and I wanted to care for our mother in her home until she died. We promised our mother years ago that we would not remove her from her home when she got older and needed more help.

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We would not have been able to care for her without the help of the wonderful hospice team. The nurse was caring and efficient and my mother’s personal aide came several times each week to provide her a bath. My mother was reluctant at first but once she came to know the team, she looked forward to their visits.

Craig’s Story

The hospice team meant so much to my wife. I wish we would have signed up for hospice much sooner than we did.

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The doctor came to our home when my wife was in so much pain and he was able to help her get comfortable for the first time in a long time. All of hospice staff was caring and compassionate and helped our entire family through a difficult time in our lives. The hospice team still contacts us to make sure our family is coping well.

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