Palliative and Transitional Care

Quality Palliative Care is a healthcare option that specialized in providing palliative and transitional care services to patients with serious or chronic illnesses. Our team of specialized practitioners see patients in their home setting as many times as appropriate, based on the individual needs of each patient.

Quality Palliative Care benefits patients, physicians and hospitals by:

  1. Providing timely pain relief and symptom management to patients with serious or chronic illnesses.
  2. Offering guidance and instruction regarding prescribed pain medication.
  3. Providing education and support to family and/or caregivers.
  4. Advising patients and family on advance directive decisions.
  5. Assisting patients and families in accessing additional community resources in order to help patients remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary re-hospitalizations.
  6. Simplifying hospital discharges and providing continuity of care at home.

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