You can make a difference!

Volunteers in hospice find it personally gratifying, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally meaningful to assist those in need at a such critical point in their lives. Volunteers provide important services to hospice organizations and the people they serve. Whether it’s providing companionship to a person in the final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members and caregivers, or helping with community outreach and fundraising, the contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work provided by our hospice program.

Volunteer Testimonial:

“Volunteering with Quality Hospice has been a wonderful experience. Being given the opportunity to connect with my patients and to give respite to them and their families during a difficult situation has fulfilled my life in a way I’ve never experienced before.” -Sara S.

Volunteers receive in-depth training to prepare them to work with individuals who are in need of assistance, compassion and care at the end of their lives. On-going training opportunities are also provided. As a hospice volunteer you will be given choices as to how much and what types of things you want to do.

If you believe that giving your time can enhance the lives of others we would like you to explore volunteer opportunities at Quality Home Health & Hospice.

Contact us today at (801) 747-0330 to learn more about becoming a hospice volunteer.


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